Our customized Football Players score a lot of goals for our clients all over the world and make the perfect Birthday or Christmas Present for any soccer fan. Simply send us a picture of your team’s football kit and we will handcraft your soccer player to feature your favorite team colors.


Each Kentchurch Football player has the following standard dimensions (Inches):

  • All models are 38″ tall and 15″ wide.
  • Their trays are 8″ in diameter, large enough for a plate or ice bucket.
  • Their plinths are 8.5″ x 15″ and are made of 1″ pine.
  • The height of the tray from the ground is 26″
  • The football weighs 3.35kg.
  • The maximum weight the tray can hold is 10kg.

For only £20.00 extra you can have your initials (maximum 4) painted onto the plinth for that extra personal touch. Simply type the required initials into the box below.

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