Maria was created to satisfy demand and compliment our Black coated Oscar. The pair go well together in the dining room to hold ice buckets or canopies for special occasions.


Each unique Kentchurch Butler Models have these standard dimensions:

  • Maria is 38″ tall and 15″ wide.
  • Their trays are 8″ in diameter, large enough for a plate or ice bucket.
  • Their plinths are 8.5″ x 15″ and are made of 1″ pine.
  • The height of the tray from the ground is 30″ an ideal height when relaxing on a sofa.
  • Carson’s weight is 3.44Kilos.
  • The maximum weight the tray can hold is 10kg.


For only £20.00 extra you can have your initials (maximum 4) painted onto the plinth for that extra personal touch. Simply type the required initials into the box below.

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